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Symmetrical Class A Preamplifier

A very simple but very good amplifier unit, with low distortion. A similar modification was used as a preamplifier HAFLER. The quality however of the reproduced sound in all the symmetrical amplifiers regardless of the cost of the necessary materials, transistors, capacitor and resistors.... [read more]

A Battery-Powered One-Time-Only Burglar Alarm

This is a single zone alarm - with independently adjustable Exit, Entry and Siren Cut-Off timers. When the alarm is activated its Siren will sound once - for up to 20-minutes. Then it will switch off and remain off. If you wish - you can use a mains power supply. But the extremely low standby current makes battery power a realistic option.... [read more]

PIC Security System Dials Your Cell Phone

The circuit consists of a small PIC microcontroller, assembly program, and a few other parts to detect a switch closure from an open door, window, or manual push button and then dial the cell phone number, and transmit a steady tone to indicate the source of the call. The circuit uses the pulse dialing system to interrupt the line connection a number of times to indicate each digit.... [read more]

Headphone Class A Amplifier

It is a very useful thing , to have a small headphone amplifier , capable of driving a couple of pairs phones. Fortunately, the headphone amp has a much easier job to do, in that neither the output power requirements nor the load characteristics are so severe, since headphones typically have a load, impedance , higher of 50 ohm, (typical 600 ohm), and only require 1-2V RMS. max, for normal output.... [read more]

Battery Equality Monitor Circuit Schematic

Almost all 24V power systems in trucks, 4WDs, RVs, boats, etc, employ two series-connected 12V lead-acid batteries. The charging system can only maintain the sum of the individual battery voltages. If one battery is failing, this circuit will light a LED. Hence impending battery problems can be forecast. The circuit works by detecting a voltage difference between the two series connected 12V batteries. Idle current is low enough to allow the unit to be permanently left across the batteries.... [read more]

45 Watt Class-B Audio Power Amplifier

These goals were achieved by using a discrete-components op-amp driving a BJT complementary common-emitter output stage into Class B operation. In this way, for small output currents, the output transistors are turned off, and the op-amp provides all of the output current. At higher output currents, the power transistors conduct, and the contribution of the op-amp is limited to approximately 0.7/R11. The quiescent current of the op-amp biases the external transistors, and hence greatly reduces the range of crossover.... [read more]