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Surf Simulator Circuit Diagram

Do you long for a beach holiday on a tropical island, but you don’t have the necessary wherewithal? We’ve got just the answer: build the i-TRIXX surf simulator, put on your headphones, and dream yourself away from this dreary realm. Let the rhythmic rush of the waves transport you to a sun-drenched beach with gently swaying palm trees, and relax for a while before returning to a chilly confrontation with reality. That’s the ultimate in low-budget travel.... [read more]

45 Watt Class-B Audio Power Amplifier

These goals were achieved by using a discrete-components op-amp driving a BJT complementary common-emitter output stage into Class B operation. In this way, for small output currents, the output transistors are turned off, and the op-amp provides all of the output current. At higher output currents, the power transistors conduct, and the contribution of the op-amp is limited to approximately 0.7/R11. The quiescent current of the op-amp biases the external transistors, and hence greatly reduces the range of crossover.... [read more]

Dome Lamp Dimmer

There are times when a little light inside the car would greatly assist one of the passengers but the dome light is too bright for safe driving.... [read more]

Pinewood Derby Finish Line Lamps

The finish line circuit detects the first of three cars to cross the line and illuminates a 25 watt 120 VAC lamp indicating the winning lane. Three photo transistors are used which can be embedded into the track with a light shining down onto the finish line so that as the car crosses over the sensor, the light is blocked, activating the relay and lighting the lamp for the appropriate track. The light source should be an incandescent type, florescent lights may not work due to low infra-red content. The circuit was tested using a 100 watt incandescent light fixture about 3 feet above the photo transistors.... [read more]

25 Watt Audio Amplifier Circuit

This is a 25 Watt basic power amp that was designed to be (relatively) easy to build at a reasonable cost. It has better performance than the standard STK module amps that are used in practically every mass market stereo receiver manufactured today.... [read more]

Environmentally-friendly Mosquito Repeller

With the return of the fine weather, you’ll doubtless be enjoying lazing around of an evening on your patio or in your garden, but even if you’re not surrounded by marshes or other shallow water it’s very likely some intruding mosquitoes will come along to spoil this idyllic scene. Although indoors it’s easy to get rid of them these days, indeed even to prevent them coming into the house, the same can’t be said for the great outdoors. We might mention the well-known Chinese coils – the only thing Chinese about them is undoubtedly their name – which very often drive people away as much as mosquitoes, if not more! Moreover they are nasty things to handle.... [read more]