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VU Meter 3

A very simple circuit of indication of level, with 10 Led. Is used the circuit of half-wave rectification of precision round the IC2, with gain one. With switch S1, we can select the indication of Led. The level of entry is 60 mV-1.25 V.... [read more]

On Off Touch Switch Circuit

The modern mechanic switches are improved concerning of old technology. We need however many times to replacement some old switch or to check currents bigger than the durability of certain switches or simple we need something with modern appearance. For he and different reasons is essential the up circuit. It is simple in the manufacture and the materials that use they exist everywhere.... [read more]

Spy Ear

This light-weight gadget produces an adjustable gain on sounds picked up from the built-in high-sensitivity condenser microphone. So you can hear what you have been missing. With a 6V (4×1.5V) battery, it produces good results. As shown in Fig. 1, a small signal amplifier is built around transistor BC547 (T1).... [read more]

Collection of Little Bridged Power Amplifiers

It is a little collection of amplifiers in bridge connection. The output power is low and they are for general use. They can be used with small active loudspeakers, car stereos etc. The only restriction, is that we should use loudspeakers with resistance above 4 ohm.... [read more]

Oscilloscope testing module (huntron circuit)

Oscilloscope testing module (huntron circuit)... [read more]

Repeating Timer No5

This circuit is a temperature controlled version of Repeating Timer No.3 . The light dependent resistor has been replaced by a temperature dependent resistor or thermistor. And a small preset potentiometer lets you choose the temperature above which the timer will operate.... [read more]