Random circuits

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Collection of Little Bridged Power Amplifiers

It is a little collection of amplifiers in bridge connection. The output power is low and they are for general use. They can be used with small active loudspeakers, car stereos etc. The only restriction, is that we should use loudspeakers with resistance above 4 ohm.... [read more]

48V Phantom (Microphone) Power Supply

48 V ‘phantom’ powering has become the standard for professional condenser microphones. The supply (or rather bias) voltage is applied over both wires of the balanced screened cable via two 6k8 resistors (see reference [1]) – the absolute value is not critical, since a variation of ±20% is permitted, but they must be matched to an accuracy of 0.4% or better [2]. Many microphones are fitted with an output transformer, and derive their power from a center-tap on the secondary.... [read more]

Generating Long Time Delays

A single Schmitt Trigger inverter stage (1/6 of 74HC14) is used as a squarewave oscillator to produce a low frequency of about 0.5 Hertz. The 10K resistor in series with the input (pin 1) reduces the capacitor discharge current through the inverter input internal protection diodes if the circuit is suddenly disconnected from the supply. This resistor may not be needed but is a good idea to use.... [read more]

Electronic Torricelli Barometer

Although it does not have the same charm as real mercury barometers with long glass tubes on pieces of carved and polished wood, the Torricelli barometer discussed here is a functional equivalent and electronic replica of the Torricelli barometer. Actually, rather than displaying the atmospheric pressure on the traditional digital displays, we preferred to reproduce the general look of this respected predecessor of electronic barometers.... [read more]

Melody Door Ringer

In all the houses exist the bells in the door. All want, they have the possibility of being possible to change the intensity, the tone of sound. With this circuit we have this possibility. With the materials round the gates, we can change the sound.... [read more]

Speaker Box Audio Amp

After buying the processor, monitor, and printer, I wasn't willing to spring for a set of speakers too. After going "soundless", I decided to add speakers. Of course, this was the perfect excuse warm up the soldering iron to try out a new design. This original design is a variation on a well-known design, examples of which can be found in a great many texts.... [read more]