Security Door electronic Key


Security Door electronic Key


It is a relatively simple circuit of electronic lock of safety with code of 7 digits. It should is given attention in the time that will be stepped the keys, that shape code and it does not exist it delays. With the right step of keys and if code is right then is activated exit Q7 for roughly 4 seconds, driving the transistor Q2, which with the line can drive one relay, for the opening of door, or any other circuit. With LED D we can have optical clue of activation. The code of circuit, as it has been given have been:1704570 but can change, if we change the connections between in the exits of IC1 and the switches.

Part List

  • R1-7=4.7Kohm
  • R8=15Kohm
  • R9=1Mohm
  • R10-13=10Kohm
  • R11=100ohm
  • R12=220Kohm
  • R14=1.2Kohm
  • C1-3=100nF 100V
  • C2=4.7uF 25V
  • D1-2=1N4148
  • D3=RED LED 3mm
  • IC1=4022
  • Q1=BS170
  • Q2=BD679
  • S1-10=Push button or keyboard