Audio filter schematics

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Three Channel Audio Splitter

This circuit is suitable to amplify and distribute the audio signals. The input audio signal is applied to the J1 and after passing through the P1, It is buffered and amplified by the IC1 prepared to redistribute. It has 3 outputs to drive 3 audio lines with 300 ohms impedance.... [read more]

RC Notch Filter (Twin T)

The twin T notch filter can be used block an unwanted frequency or if placed around an op-amp as a bandpass filter. The notch frequency occurs where the capacitive reactance equals the resistance (Xc=R) and if the values are close, the attenuation can be very high and the notch frequency virtually eliminated.... [read more]

Single Op-Amp Bandpass Filter

A bandpass filter passes a range of frequencies while rejecting frequencies outside the upper and lower limits of the passband. The range of frequencies to be passed is called the passband and extends from a point below the center frequency to a point above the center frequency where the output voltage falls about 70% of the output voltage at the center frequency.... [read more]

2nd Order Opamp Filters

Three 2nd order filters are shown, low pass, high pass, and bandpass. Each of these filters will attenuate frequencies outside their passband at a rate of 12dB per octave or 1/4 the voltage amplitude for each octave of frequency increase or decrease outside the passband.... [read more]

Speech Filter

The human speech apprehend a small area of frequencies, that is extended from 300HZ until 3KHZ. This spectrum is also internationally recognized for the transmission of speech via telecommunications networks. This is also the mainer use of this circuit, one and it can be used in uses that we needed this concrete spectrum of frequencies, rejecting the spectrum on and under what, making comprehensible the speech. The circuit is constituted by two active units, filters of second class (calculated for critical damping).... [read more]

Remove common signal from stereo sound

It many times happens, we want erase or decrease in a musical song, the voice of singer or some other sound that usually is written in same level and in the two channels. If we remove between them two signals of channels, we can take in the output a mono signal without the voice.... [read more]

Variable High-Pass 20HZ to 200HZ Filter

A simple circuit, High-Pass filter, variable between frequencies 20HZ until 200HZ, useful in a lot of cases elaboration of sound signals. The regulation is achieved with the double potesometer 47KΩ and the frequency response in his two extreme places, appears in the schematic.... [read more]

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