Speaker protection schematics

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Loudspeaker Protection 2 for P.A output

The circuit protection output of power amplifiers and loudspeakers, dispose certain interesting elements, as the isolation of loudspeakers from the exit of amplifier, when is presented continuous voltage in his exit or when the temperature of heatsink, goes up excessively, providing simultaneously and time delay in the connection loudspeakers in the amplifier, so that we avoid pass in them, the known annoying noises from the charge - discharge of capacitors of supply.... [read more]

DC Protection / Time Delay for Loudspeaker

The particular circuit combines enough operations, as: [ 1 ] Smooth departure of benefit of AC line of network, with delay 1sec, to the transformers of power supply of amplifier, via the RL1 and the resistance Rx. (see block diagram). [ 2 ] Delay of connection of expenses of final amplifiers, in headphone, in order that noises emanating from the charge - uncharged of capacitors of power supply, they do not pass in them. Simultaneously becomes control of exit of amplifiers for existence of continuous voltage [DC]. If all go well it connects, the amplifiers in loudspeaker.... [read more]

Loudspeaker Protection with Soft Start

This is a small protection circuit from loudspeakers, from DC voltage that likely to exist after some damage in the power amplifier.... [read more]

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