Automotive miscellaneous schematics

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Automatic Windshield Washer Control

Most, if not all, recent cars have an impressive amount of electronics, whether it be ABS brake systems, engine control with injection calculators, airbag activation, or other various functions, called comfort functions. Among them is one which we tend to forget because it has become so common today. It turns on the windshield wipers automatically for a few seconds after the windshield cleaner. This practice is almost indispensable because it avoids any dripping of excess rinse product right in the middle of a just-cleaned windshield.... [read more]

Audible Flasher Warning

If you’re a biker or scooter rider you’ll know how easy it is to forget to cancel your flashing indicators after turning without an audible reminder. Constantly glancing at indicator lamps is hardly an option; your eyes should be on the road ahead! The simple circuit shown here provides an audible reminder. The clever bit is the way it doesn’t annoy you by beeping the instant you activate the flashers but only after a preset time, in other words when your indicators are active longer than normal. Supply to the circuit is through the flasher relay.... [read more]

Economy radar detector

This circuit uses a 1458 dual op-amp to form a radar detector.... [read more]

Park Aid

This circuit was designed as an aid in parking the car near the garage wall when backing up. LED D7 illuminates when bumper-wall distance is about 20 cm.... [read more]

Speed-limit Alert

This circuit has been designed to alert the vehicle driver that he has reached the maximum fixed speed limit (i.e. in a motorway). It eliminates the necessity of looking at the tachometer and to be distracted from driving.... [read more]

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