Digital schematics

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Controlling a relay with a digital logic level.

The schematic illustrates 4 methods of controlling a relay with a digital logic signal.... [read more]

Monostable Flip Flop

The monostable flip flop, sometimes called a 'one shot' is used to produce a single pulse each time it is triggered. It can be used to debounce a mechanical switch so that only one rising and one falling edge occurs for each switch closure, or to produce a delay for timing applications.... [read more]

Bistable Flip Flop

Here are two examples of bistable flip flops which can be toggled between states with a single push button. When the button is pressed, the capacitor connected to the base of the conducting transistor will charge to a slightly higher voltage. When the button is released, the same capacitor will discharge back to the previous voltage causing the transistor to turn off.... [read more]

Set/Reset Flip Flop

This is an example of a set/reset flip flop using discrete components. When power is applied, only one of the transistors will conduct causing the other to remain off. The conducting transistor can be turned off by grounding it's base through the push button which causes the collector voltage to rise and turn on the opposite transistor.... [read more]

LED Traffic Lights

The LED traffic Light circuit controls 6 LEDs (red, yellow and green) for both north/south directions and east/west directions. The timing sequence is generated using a CMOS 4017 decade counter and a 555 timer. Counter outputs 1 through 4 are wire ORed using 4 diodes so that the (Red - North/South) and (Green - East/West) LEDs will be on during the first four counts. The fifth count (pin 10) illuminates (Yellow - East/West) and (Red - North/South).... [read more]

Frequency Divider with 7490

Here you will find a interesting collection from frequency dividers with division factor from 2 until 10. All the choices they are based in the 7490 that are a Decade and Binary Counter.... [read more]

Frequency Doubler with 4011

This frequency doubler uses one CMOS quad, two input NAND gate package type 4011.... [read more]

Frequency doubler with 4069

This frequency doubler using a single 4069 hex inverter IC, a frequency doubler can be constructed to give an output pulse train whose frequency is twice that of a squarewave input signal.... [read more]

Frequency Divider

This is a classic divider of frequency via two. It is achieved with a classic circuit T-flipFlop, round IC1 [ 4011 ]. In the circuit, the frequency of network, after are limit the negative half-s period of sine wave and transform in square wave, are divided via two. Thus for frequency50 HZ, we will take in the exit pulse of frequency 25 HZ. The supply of circuit it is + 5V and does not need high benefit in current.... [read more]

Digital Clock with MM5314N

Digital Clock with MM5314N... [read more]

Digital Step-Km Counter Circuit Schematic

This circuit measures the distance covered during a walk. Hardware is located in a small box slipped in pants' pocket and the display is conceived in the following manner: the leftmost display D2 (the most significant digit) shows 0 to 9 Km. and its dot is always on to separate Km. from hm. The rightmost display D1 (the least significant digit) shows hundreds meters and its dot illuminates after every 50 meters of walking.... [read more]

7 Segment LED Counter

This simple counter can be used to count pulses, as the basis for a customer counter (like you see at the doors of some stores), or for anything else that may be counted.... [read more]

Digital Step-Km Counter

This circuit measures the distance covered during a walk.... [read more]

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