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Doorbell Memory Circuit Diagram

If you’re expecting an important visitor but you just have to step out for a moment, an electronic doorbell memory can come in handy so you can see whether someone rang while you were out. Of course, you can’t tell whether it was the visitor you were expecting who dropped by then, but a call to the mobile phone of the person concerned can quickly answer that question. A doorbell memory can also save you the trouble of going to the front door (if you live upstairs) when you think you heard the bell but aren’t sure. And if you can’t buy one, then of course you can build one yourself! Read on to find out how.... [read more]

Melody Door Ringer

In all the houses exist the bells in the door. All want, they have the possibility of being possible to change the intensity, the tone of sound. With this circuit we have this possibility. With the materials round the gates, we can change the sound.... [read more]

Put That Light Out

If you forget to switch off the light after leaving a seldom used room (such as the loft), there’s a strong likelihood that it could remain lit for months, running up an expensive power bill in the process. How can we prevent this waste? It’s not hard for electronics enthusiasts to design a little circuit to mitigate the effects of absentmindedness. The notion is simple; if the light is left on when the hatch or door is closed, a rhythmic sounder/buzzer signal produces an alarm that hopefully will not be masked by other noise.... [read more]

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