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Video schematics

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Video Isolator Circuit Diagram

These days many more audio-visual devices in the home are connected together. This is especially the case with the TV, which may be connected to a DVD player, a hard disk recorder, a surround-sound receiver and often a PC as well. This often creates a problem when earth loops are created in the shielding of the video cables, which may cause hum and other interference. The surround-sound receiver contains a tuner that takes its signal from a central aerial distribution system.... [read more]

Video amplifier

Video amplifier with LM359N... [read more]

Video amplifier 1

Video amplifier with LH0032... [read more]

Video signal emphasis

With this circuit we can amplification selectively the high signal of picture frequencies [Video] with result bigger clarity than this. The circuit should be placed between a Video unit and the reception Scart or the plug Video input of television receiver.... [read more]

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