6-Band Graphic Equalizer


The EQ-2 it is a circuit of graphic equalizer 6 band of regulation. Each band is regulated from the potesometers RV1-6, that are, for better optical indicate of regulations, Fader. This does not mean that we cannot him replace with simply potesometer. In the center of regulation potesometer, the gain is null (flat), but in terminal has +/- 15 db, boost or cutting off, respectively. For stereo operation, it will be supposed two times.

Circuit diagram

Circuit diagram

Part list

  • R1=47Kohms
  • R2-5-18=150Kohms
  • R3-4=10Kohms
  • R6....17=10Kohms
  • R19=100Kohms
  • RV1.....6=100Kohms Lin.
  • C1=1uF 100V
  • C2=15nF 100V
  • C3=150nF 100V
  • C4=33nF 100V
  • C5=8.2nF 100V
  • C6=1nF 100V
  • C7=470pF 100V
  • C8=680nF 100V
  • C9=680nF 100V
  • C10=150nF 100V
  • C11=39nF 100V
  • C12=8.2nF 100V
  • C13=2.2nF 100V
  • C14=470nF 100V
  • IC1-2=TL074