Electronic Selector for 8 Sources


The Elect. Sel. 8 is a simple circuit, with a choice of 8 sources of any sort ,of 8 independent switches. Each switch corresponding with a relay for example the switch S1 activates the RL1 e.t.c. The uses of the circuit are quite a few, choice of entrances in a sound amplifier, choice of command, in a digital circuit etc. In each entrance a LED which may be independent, except if switches with led are used.

Circuit diagram

Circuit diagram

Part list

  • R1-8=10Kohms
  • R9=470 ohms
  • R10-17= 4.7Kohms
  • TR1=4.7Kohms Trimmer
  • IC1=74LS374
  • IC2=74LS27
  • IC3=74LS10
  • T1-8=BC550
  • D1-8=Led 3mm
  • C1-3=47nF 63V MKT
  • RL1-8= 6-12V DC Relay
  • S1-8=Push button SW